Notes from my Awaken Your Entrepreneur Webinar. This webinar is the first of three webinars that teach you how to get something started now to give you options for the future. In this webinar we covered the critical steps to becoming a paid authority.Authority

Becoming a Paid Authority

DAY 1 Notes

1. Why we all need to start a business today

2. Dirty Details of Business Powerpoint Slides

  • Taxes, lawyers, and licenses need to wait until you have a viable business
  • Two exceptions:
    • You are wealthy ($1 million in assets)
    • Your venture is high risk
  • WHEN to worry about it
    • File income with taxes on April 15 as sole proprietor
    • Seek out CPA to help you on the rest once you have $2500 of sales
    • Sales tax when you have hit over $1000 in sales in your taxable area (State)
    • Business licenses
    • LLC – When you have over $1Million in assets or business has more than $50k in cash in the business

3. Uncommon Knowledge

  • You have authority
    • Work experience in your field  (Ex: How to manage your bosses calendar– VA)
    • Hobbies (Ex: Model railroads, photography, podcasting)
    • Shopping for deals (Ex: Suit buying company or money saving mom)
    • Special skills (Ex: cooking, cleaning, car refurbishing)
  • You just have to claim it and share it

4. Finding Your Purpose and Passion

  • What are your passions – How to uncover – Calling
  • Let Passion Drive You
    • Passion for a hobby or purpose or things I love
    • Passion for freedom

EXAMPLES – These are specific examples of people I know who have done amazing things!

Resources Mentioned:

Day 1 Assignment:

  • Sign up do the Calling exercise
  • Claim your authority area – Do Something


Day 2 Notes

1. Other Examples

2. Understanding Pain

  • Talk to people
  • Ask the magic question
  • Look and listen for common pains
    • $
    • Time
    • Desire
    • FEAR

3. How to Establish Authority

4. Steps to becoming a Paid Authority

  • Pick a topic based on your calling
    • Education
    • Weight loss
    • Nutrition
    • Tennis
    • Teaching kids to study
    • Mountain biking
  • Create a title based on the pain
    • How to lose 10 pounds by Christmas
    • How to have nutritious meals in 30 minutes
    • How to develop a better tennis serve
    • What is new in mountian bikes
    • How to take professional photos with your camera
    • Six things you need to know about Obama Care that will cost you money
    • Turn your kids into straight A students
  • List 3 things you can teach (take-aways) with a few subtopics of each
  • Create workshop in 10 Weeks and advertise. EVENTBRITE
  • Market the meeting
    • Email friends and people who are interested
    • LINKEDIN Groups
    • Libraries
  • 2 weeks out prepare
    • Details
    • Recorder
    • Prepare for questions
  • Deliver and record
  • Turn recording into product (Example)
  • Put on a website


  • Downloadable product – Ebook/audio
    • GUMROAD/Ejunkie/Bigcommerce/Paypal
  • Begin blogging
    • How to setup a self hosted blog on Bluehost


Additional Information

  •  1.5 hours of individual initial consultation – $350 value (contact me via email to arrange)
  • Complete set of audio and workbook from course $250 value (after the webinar is done)
  • Resumes are Worthless ebook – $15 value (after the webinar this link will be active)


Other Resources

Tools we discussed:

1. Websites – This is where you store your content. I recommend you get a site you own (see Bluehost below) and then use WordPress as an easy to manage site. (again – see below)

2. Payment gateways – These are tools that allow you to take money over the web with VISA etc accounts. Most popular and easy to use is PAYPAL. Easy to setup and account. Other options exist – but they are payment gateways.

3. E-DElivery tools – If you have things like reports, ebooks, etc to deliver that can be delivered over the internet -lots of options. Most charge you a small fee when someone buys. Many are available – but below are a few good options.

4. Membership tools – If you want someone to pay to have access to your site, consider a membership site. WordPress has tools for this.

  • Wishlist – This wordpress tool costs $97 one time and works with wordpress
  • Others – just search

Remember – do not get overwhelmed.

Questions from the class:

Q: Why pay for a blog on BlueHost instead of using a free one on wordpress.com

A: I have several reasons for this….

– If you are serious, you want to own your space. The other is like renting. If WordPress decides to shut down their free site, you now have to scramble to move. (One popular free blogging site was recently shut down!)

– You have more control over the hosted site. YOu are limited as to what tools (called plugins) you can use on the free one. These tools can offer you a lot of power to do things. For instance, on mine you see the “leave me a message” tool on the side. THis is easy to install, but not something you could do on the other.

– Your URL. You want to have your own website name. Either your name like “dalecallahan.com” or your brand like “resumesareworthless.com” – but not dale.wordpress.com. YOu can use your own address at the free one also, but then a little more hassle to move.

– Cost. The cost is low for the site. for less than $100 you have a true storefront that you own, control, etc with endless possibilities.

– BTW – the advice above is not mine alone. Almost anyone in the business of selling any kind of information would agree with these points.


 Recommended Tools

Note, I am an affiliate with most of the below companies  so if you buy from the link below, I will get paid. So thank you in advance for your purchase. However, be assured these products and services are all TOP-NOTCH. If you use them and find out otherwise, please let me know!

1. Creating an event. Eventbrite is a free tool that allows you to setup an event, email those who have registered, track registration, and even charge a fee. They do everything and just take a small cut of the fee. Events you do for free are free to you.





2. Web hosting. While I use a few differnt platforms, Bluehost has the highest ratings for those getting started in websites. Excellent support and help and a site that works.


Great links to start:

Getting started with Bluehost

How to install WordPress