Coaching Areas

Here’s How I can Help You


Prepare for a career change.

If you are in a career transition, or perhaps you call it a crisis and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, I can help you reach the breakthrough. Common statements I hear from clients in this stage are:

  • What I learned about resumes and interviewing is not getting me anywhere. Cannot close the deal.
  • I am not getting interviews. Cannot get noticed.
  • If I get another job, I will be right back where I am with a different name on the paycheck. I am typecasted.
  • Feel stuck by my limited network. How do I meet new people and the right people?
  • I want out of corporate America. (Or other nation)

I will get you past these issues. You have to do the work, but we will work together to find that clear path to make your next job profitable and enjoyable. How much is that worth to you?


Stuck and not sure where to go next on my current job.

Perhaps you are not really looking for a change, but you feel stagnant. Common statements I hear from clients in this stage are:

  • I love my company and job, but it is no longer challenging. Can do my job with both hands tied behind my back.
  • Cannot move to the next step. Stuck under a glass ceiling.
  • I do not know what the next step is. Lost in the maze.
  • No idea how to move out of the technical world and into management. Stuck.
  • Not sure what I want to do next. Lost.
  • Cannot get my boss or other leaders to listen to my ideas.  I need influence.

Starting or growing a business venture

The true dream of success is not money – it is freedom. We want to be able to take control of our income and our time. You want the freedom to work for you. People with this desire but stuck often tell me:

  • I have no idea what kind of business to start.
  • I do not have the needed cash, how can I get it.
  • I do not know where to start. Business plan, license, patent, other.
  • My business is doing well, now I have a nightmare. I am working harder and harder just trying to keep up.

Contrary to popular opinion, owning a business does not have to be that hard or that risky. People prosper in business without advanced degrees (or degrees at all). I will walk you through finding the right business idea for you, creating your first product, and/or growing your business.