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“I am Dale Callahan. I am an engineer, a faculty member, an entrepreneur, and most important, a Christian. I spent many years lost in corporate America, mostly frustrated years. I felt like work was meaningless and the environment was killing my spirit like poison dripped into my soul day after day. I escaped. But, after escaping and looking back, I have realized that what was wrong was how I viewed my work and my life. It was not them, it was me! I had given control of my life, my income, and my time to someone else. Now I have spent the last 10+ years helping others take back control of their time, their money, and their life.

Are you looking to get back in control? This is the place for you.

The Frustration

Over 60% of the people working in the corporate environment feel frustrated and unfulfilled in your work. Are you one of them?

  • Do you wish you had more control of your time?
  • Do you wish you had more control of your income? (Tired of that 2% pay raise?)
  • Do you want your work to have more meaning and be fulfilling?

If you answered yes to any of these (And eseopcailly all 3!) then you need to act.

But the problem is not them, it is YOU.

And that is good, because you cannot fix them, but you can change YOU!

And the change is pretty simple – Stop thinking like and employee and start thinking like an owner.


See below the video.

The Company Of One Model

Video on COO – Employee to Entrepreneur in 4 Minutes

You are an owner of your Company of One. Quit being passive, and start taking control. Grow your influence. Grow your control. Grow your income.

Key Actions to Take

1. Get your head right

Think like an owner and not en employee.

Employee – Servant, entitled to benefits, and works toward someone else’s goals.

Owner – Earns their way by providing services to others. Take responsibility for their results. Grows their influence through people. Grows their income to meet their needs.

2. Find Your Calling

A key to loving your work, is to work in an area you are called to work in VIDEO ON CALLING CIRCLES DOWNLOAD EXERCISE (OP lead magnet page)

3. Grow your network

All opportunities in life come through your network. Grow your network, grow your opportunities, grow your income. DOWNLOAD NFI – Sample course….

4. Know your customers – VIDEO



5. Generate More Income

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