Company of One – Speaking Event

You can only get so much from a talk – so I wanted to provided you with a way to get more out of the time we spent together.


Here are some things related to the what I mentioned in the talk – specific links.

Leaders Read

I often here the statement that “leaders read” – and I have found that to be very true. When I ask people who are not growing in their careers (income) I find they are often not reading at all. They have a good enough job – but not really going anywhere.

Yet – when I talk to leaders and entrepreneurs, the read all the time. I encourage you to start reading.

FREE eBook – How to Find Your Calling

One of the most important roles you have in your Company or One is as your own CEO. In that role, you get to decide what you do. Most people (over 50%) are in jobs they do not like. They took a job based on a degree in college – and have never REALLY looked at what they want to do or could do.

Get a free copy of this ebook. But be careful – it has changed lives. Really. Get your copy here. And then check out Don’t Die in Your Cube for an example of someone who used this approach to change the game – and the results.