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I create a blog and podcast about every week – usually on Tuesday morning. I will usually shoot you an email about what is in the blog with some key highlights -but just in case, check back often.

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My focus is you being a COMPANY of ONE. In other words, your career and income are controlled by you. It is fun – a mix of being an employee and entrepreneur can often maximize your returns!


So, expect to get content on the following general topics:

  • Entrepreneurship – Yes – everyone is an entrepreneur. My focus is lifestyle entrepreneurs.
  • Career success – How to find the right work and how to excel at your work
  • Growing the business of you!
  • Education – As it relates to growing your income

Note that my goal is to provide content that REALLY helps you get control of your career and your income. Please ALWAYS feel free to give me feedback and tell me what you think of the content. My only request is that is you have  critique, give me some constructive suggestions of what I can do to serve you better.  

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