012: How to Make a Presentation [PODCAST]

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Want to do a better job presenting information? Want to find a way to conquer the fear and nervousness?

In this podcast I will share several tips to get over the nerves and deliver a high quality presentation. I will tell you 1)  how to prepare, what to do right before, during, and at the end of a presentation.


Why Bother Doing Presentations? (Or  “why not just run?”)

  • Leaders  are presenters
  • The one who presents gets the influence.
  • Get to know people better – If you use these tips, people will get to know you better and you will develop relationships.

Five Steps to Making Powerful Presentations

1. Pick a topic you care about

– If you can pick your topic, pick something you care about – If not, find a reason to care

2. Prepare well

– State your intention in one word: Inform, Entertain, or Motivate – Draft the talk – focus on only 3-5 points to make (without powerpoint!) – Write them down to be very clear – YOU CANNOT DUMB IT DOWN ENOUGH – Make each point actionable or understandable – Write out the points, sub points, examples (PERSONAL STORIES), and visuals. – Do not write out the whole talk – Do not use powerpoint at this stage – Do write out the closing and practice it. – Practice it timing yourself – If you feel like you do not have enough material, you should be perfect! – Once practiced, add visuals to make impact

3. Before the talk

– Prepare for talk if all goes wrong – Visit the setting and walk to your point. (BEGINNER/EXPERIENCED) – Meet some people if you are nervous

4. During the talk

– Forget the rules- be yourself – Relax – Do not over worry about details, just share – Be positive

5. Close the talk 

– BE ON TIME – Deliver closing and say thank you

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