015: The NonProfit Myth [PODCAST]

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Have you ever considered starting or being part of a nonprofit? Are you part of one now? As I was speaking at the local chapter of the National Association of Professional Women, a question was raised about nonprofits. The idea we were discussing was how you add value to your customers and how you show that value in terms of profit. A few from a nonprofit asked how you deal with this value problem when you have no profit and therefore cannot measure value in the same way.

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I then made the statement “There is no such thing as a nonprofit.” While technically this is not correct, I wanted to make a point that the common ideas of nonprofits are a myth.

Nonprofit Myths

  • Nonprofits do not have customers.
  • Nonprofits do not have to measure or show value.
  • If I become a nonprofit, people will give me money for serving others.
  • Nonprofits are easier than “for profit” ventures.
All of these are myths. On the audio we discuss these issues. But the key is that it comes down to value. Like anyone else, a nonprofit needs money to run.
“Nonprofits: To get people to take out their wallets and hand you money, you must show value. #nonprofit “]

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