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043: How to Create Your First Information Product in 30 Days | Finding Information Product Ideas [Podcast]

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Last week I started a series called How to Create Your First Information Product in 30 Days where I promised to let you look over my shoulder as I create an information product of my own. And, in case you are just joining in, I hope you, too, will take the challenge and create a product with me. I will walk you through it. Today we start by creating a list of information product ideas. First, I will do it for me. Then, I will lay out some steps to help you come up with your own information product ideas. Ready to watch it happen? Ready to generate a quick list for yourself and get started making money?

Photo courtesy of Luna – our family dog (She receives dog biscuits for royalties) [/featured-image]

As you will see below, one of my crazy ideas is about pets. Above is the photo of Luna, our Siberian Husky, who is the subject of the idea. Ideas can come from anywhere!


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What’s Up with Me

Calling all those living in the Knoxville  area. Before we get started on the information product ideas, I want to invite anyone who lives in the Knoxville area to join me at the East Tennessee PMI Professional Development Day at Oak Ridge, TN on January 31.

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Topic of the Week: Creating Your Information Product Ideas List

Last week I gave you an outline to start the process of creating your first information product in 30 days. Many of you have decided to join me! Congrats! If you have not joined in or are just now finding this, let me know. Still time to jump on board and make it happen!!

Last week in How to Create Your First Information Product in 30 Days I defined the process finding information product ideas. Today we start on the week 1 activity – Finding information product ideas.

First, here is my list of information product ideas. It was made just sitting down with paper and thinking through things I could do.

  • Networking for Introverts – A talk I have given many times. I have power points and talking points.
  • How to lead from the cubicle – A talk I have given a few times, but gaining in popularity. Again, I have the content created.
  • How to do a reverse interview – Something I have taught others many times. I have even blogged reverse interviews about on various occasions. 
  • How to rebuild a bathroom shower – project I am doing now. Not my expertise area – but I do know the process.
  • How to use Evernote to replace MS Word – Just something I do on a regular basis to save time and frustration.
  • How to manage meetings – Something I have done and talked through and I could develop through common sense.
  • How to manage email – Based on a blog post I have written on effective email. Again, a lot of common sense ideas.
  • How to get a PhD without pain – I am advising several people on this process right now. Might as well create a product.
  • How to get more time – I could share some tricks I use to create margin and kill time wasters.
  • How to teach your pet to ring a bell to go outside – Something I learned from my father and we use now in our house. (See photo of our current bell ringing dog above.)
This list could go on. Now you try. Just do it now! Make a list. See below for help.

Tricks to Help You Create a List of Information Product Ideas

  1. Have a friend interview you and ask you what you have taught other people to do. Get someone that is encouraging and will pull ideas out of you.
  2. Look at what you have already done. What presentations have you given? What documents have you written? What things have  you pulled together to teach others either formally or informally?
  3. What how-to books have you read? What did you enjoy and learn how to do?
  4. What little skills do you have? What little small things do others admire about you? For instance, they might admire a craft you did, how you organize your closet, how you organize your kitchen cabinets, how you teach your kids do something, how you teach your pet, etc. Think small things you do daily.
  5. What would you like to learn? You can teach others while you do.

Validate Your Information Product Ideas

Now that you have a list, I am sure almost all of them will make money. Really – all of them put together in the right way could be money makers. But, first you have to take your ideas and get a bit of clarity. Here is where you want to answer the questions below:
  • What is the idea?
  • What is the pain it addresses?
  • Who does it serve?
  • Who would buy this?
Start with your easiest or favorite idea from the list. For me, I will start with the Networking for Introverts. It seems easiest. And, working with my mastermind group, they suggested this idea. (See Tricks to Help You Create a List of Information Product Ideas above).
Here are my answers to the above questions:
  • What is the idea? Teach people how to network even when networking is not a natural skill or is uncomfortable for them.
  • What is the pain it addresses? Everyone knows networking is where opportunity comes from, yet many people are introverted. And even those who are extroverts are often terrible networkers. This course would teach them a method or a recipe they could use to be a successful and powerful networker even though they are shy and introverted. The key is it will teach everyone how to do strategic networking.
  • Who does it serve? Careful not to say everyone! While everyone might fit, I want a target market. In this case, my target is professionals who are not extroverted and outgoing, but know they have a need. They will most likely be looking for a new job or a new career. Technical professional experts such as software developers, project managers, engineers, finance and accounting professionals all fit the bill.
  • Who would buy this? People who realize the old way of sending out resumes does not work and know they need to do this. People who are really ready to make a change and are willing to invest in themselves.
NOTE: The process I am using here is simple. You will find other programs that ask you to first validate a product idea before you decide on developing it. While I agree with such a process, the problem I am addressing in this series of podcasts is MOMENTUM. You first need to be comfortable with the process of creation, then you can hone the process later for more profit.

My Invitation to You

If you are interested in my help in brainstorming this process, just make a comment or send me an email and we will get on the phone together and in about 30 minutes we can generate a list based on your experience. Really – no cost to you.

Since my mastermind group has been a huge help to me, wanted to give a few of them who have blogs a nod of thanks here!

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  1. Buck Huffman

    After listening to this weeks podcast, I think I’ve changed my mind about my product. My DIY Christmas idea is not an easy one, it’s one I’m passionate about but it’s very involved and time consuming. My next idea for this project is a cookbook for foodies with children. I feel this pain every night. I love to cook and eat. My children and I don’t share a palate, AT ALL. So I’ve started to tailor the meals I cook for two different audiences. I will start with a basic menu and then make two meals. For instance last night night I made a salmon pot pie. My wife and I loved it, the kids ate the crust. So next time I will make a plain vegetable pot pie then poach a piece of chicken (for the kids) and a piece of salmon. I’ve started doing type of cooking on most of the meals I cook. I think there’s an product here. Thoughts?

  2. Dale Callahan

    Love that idea. I think that is a common pain for those who like good food. Kids just don’t get it;) And sounds like fun experimenting.

  3. Michael Nichols

    Thanks for including me, Dale. I’ve enjoyed learning from you.

  4. Dale Callahan

    Same here Michael! You have been a huge help to me!

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