Why You Need to Build an Email List

054: Getting Started in Business | Why You Need to Build an Email List NOW [Podcast]

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In todays podcast I will tell you why you need to build an email list. And, why you need to start now. If you have created your website, as I described in establishing authority episode 52, now it is time to take this next step. Do not make the mistake I did, and so many others also did. Start now. I will tell you how and why.

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Grow Your Email List Using Aweber

***Note: Since writing this post, I have changed from Aweber to Ontraport for more horsepower. However, I still prefer Aweber as a starting point. Ontraport expensive and not suited for the startup. 

The idea is pretty simple, but I waited for a long time to get started. And most people and companies do a TERRIBLE  job of getting emails from their tribe.

What is a tribe? Those are the people who are attracted to your message and want to get your updates via email. (YES – I SAID THEY WANT YOUR EMAILS.)

Many of you have subscribed to this email because the message is something you care about and want to learn about. You may not read every post, but you will scan them. The last thing you want is to have to go hunting for the post.

Email Trumps Social Media 

Many new businesses jump into the world of social media and want to dominate Twitter, Facebook, or some other tool. Great. But remember one thing – those are rented platforms. You do not own them! Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform could change their rules overnight – as Facebook has a history of doing.

Building your traffic on one of these tools is like building a wonderful new home on rented land. Stupid!

Instead, get email.

How to Get A Email List Started

No need to write code, instead use this wonderful tool – Aweber (affiliate link). While there are other solutions, Aweber is my tool of choice. It makes creating an email list easy.

See my page. On the top right side you see a signup form. It was created with Aweber. Aweber helps you create the form, captures email, and delivers the ebook to you.

Getting Started With Aweber

First you need to setup an account. To do this, go to Aweber and signup.

Next, this video on Aweber does a great job taking you through the first steps. The video is below.

Now Create AWeber Signup Links on Your Page

Here are the critical places to put your signup form. Do them as you can, starting with number one.

  1. Top Right – Like mine, if you do nothing else, put this link. (You do not have to have a download immediately, just get a signup form so people can get your updates!)
  2. About Page – Your “about page” will be the second most visited page. Add a link to it also. (At this posting I have not done this yet. It’s on my list.)
  3. Popup page – These are those annoying pages you see. Aweber can do this for you also. I have not done this yet either. While they seem annoying, the are very powerful.

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[reminder]Have you created your email list yet? What lessons have you learned?  [/reminder]

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  1. Paul McGuire

    Dale – proud of your progress on your podcast! You’ve got some good things going here. Every time I see something from you it’s a reminder that I need to get off my duff and do something for myself, or I’ll always be doing something for someone else (that right there is tweetable!).

  2. Dale Callahan

    Had to tweet it – attributed to you of course;) Thanks for the encouragement. Seems the way to impact more people these days is via mediums such as podcasts, blogs, and social media.

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