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105: Just Help People [Podcast]

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I spent the last few days at the Tribe Conference. It was great to hang out with old friends and meet new friends. While the conference was about entrepreneurship and information marketing, I took away things more about life. The speakers and the side conversations really changed my view on some issues –  and I want to share some of them with you. After all – the first takeaway was “just help people” – So I am trying to do that here.  My take-aways – listed below – are a reminder of things that I have seen generate success and freedom.

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Today I am going to skip the series I am doing with Anthony Witt from The Champion Entrepreneur. Will be back to it next week! Anthony is my partner in the Entrepreneur Dream Academy (See below). Check out the podcasts we have done in this series to date.

My Take-Aways from the Tribe Conference

The Tribe Conference was hosted by Jeff Goins. If you are an artist or author and looking for ways to market your work, I highly suggest you check it out next year. The dates are September 16-18, 2016 in Nashville. Jeff did an excellent job pulling off his first conference. (I do not have a signup link yet – but let me know and when Jeff releases it I will get you the signup page.)

Here are my take-aways:

  1. Just Help People. We are so focused on being successful, but if we just help people, success finds us. All business is about helping others by serving them with products and services.  This point was pounded home to me with lots of examples from Joshua Becker of (Becoming Minimalist)  and Tim Grahl. Tim spoke of his willingness to get on the phone and help others for free. I was inspired – so I will do the same. Want to connect with me? Setup time on my calendar and tell me how I can help you.
    “”You can have everything … , if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar”]
  2. Create Margin in Your Life. We would never fill up a coffee cup to the very top and then walk to our desk. We have to leave “jiggle room” – else we end up with a mess. We need to do the same thing in life. Schedule time for nothing. Grant Baldwin reminded me that we need time to unwind – and nothing is better than NOTHING TIME. Put NOTHING on your calendar in some time slots every week.
  3. Get Focus. What success traits do Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have in common? Focus. Both men state their success can be attributed to their ability to focus. We should learn from them. What thing can you focus on as the most important? What do you need to let go of?
  4. Find Your Style. One thing that Jeff Goins really pushes is us finding our own voice. Of course, he is speaking from a writer’s perspective – but see it everywhere. Just because doing things one way works for someone else, it does not mean it will work for us. Find a style and a method for your own success.
  5. Kill the Clutter. Of course, this is part of Joshua’s message – he is the minimalist guy. But when we think of clutter, make sure we also remove clutter from our schedule, our diet, and our mind.
  6. Do What Works. Or put another way, stop doing what doesn’t. Tim hit this topic, but he was talking about the marketing of books. I could help but think this goes to a lot of issues.

OK – so there are two other ideas I will leave to the podcast only. But I hope you can see some themes here. Success is simple. Sure, it is hard work, but we make it worse and put success out of reach by missing common and basic principles of truth.


OK – here is a challenge. How will YOU help people? Post in the comments or shoot to me in twitter (link to me so I will see it) or on my Facebook page. I would like to hear how you are or plan on helping others. If you have links from your business or other – share them!


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  1. Bill McConnell

    I’m “retooling” my own blog to reflect “just help others.” What will my current platform focus look like, how will it change, if I focus on just helping others with what I’m curently doing?

  2. Dale Callahan

    Thanks Bill. Just think what happens if we all start helping one another! Awesome. And your stuff – we ALL need that!!!!!

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