Adjusting Your Goals Midyear

184: Adjusting Your Goals Midyear [Podcast]

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Adjusting Your Goals Midyear?

So, we are at the halfway point of 2020. Wow-what a crazy year.

Some of you have suffered. Loss of income, furloughs, a decline in business.

Others have prospered powerfully.

So this is a great time to rethink 2020. What has changed? What is going in a new direction?

For me

  • Stepped away from Associate Dean of the university. Now refocusing efforts into new areas.
  • Focused on growth in coaching. Doing a lot more one-on-one coaching than I have in the past few years.
  • Working on a new book deal.
  • Changing fitness goals.

Adjusting Your Goals Midyear

1. Clarity

What do you want to happen? Who do you want to be? This is a struggle for a lot more people than you would think. I am one of them. Money? Travel? Doing something special? Living in a new house? A new car? I find most material things trivial these days. How would the Lord have me serve? If so – am I just to sit around and wait on the answer? No – I have to step out toward a goal and pray for direction. I need to be moving to serve. I need to impact others.

How is that for you? Here are some good questions?

The key is to get clarity about what you want to happen. Then write them down.

2. Habits

Habits are powerful. In the book The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino explains that we are slaves to our habits and that if we must be slaves, then we should at least try to be slaves to good habits. While I find it hard to think about being a slave, I guess he has it right. We are slaves to habit. 

And to add to this, in his book Atomic Habits, James Clear explains that “your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits.” Our weight is a lagging measure of our eating and exercise habits. Our success is a lagging measure of our work habits. Habit again is a key ingredient. 

So once we know what we want, we might need to adjust our habits (or create new ones) to help us reach our goals.

3. Schedule

Once you have the goals, you need to schedule a time to make them happen. Put your goals on your calendar!

Want to write a book? You should have a consistent time on your calendar to write the book.

Want to lose weight? Then add time on your calendar to work out. Maybe you even need to add time on your calendar to enter your eating in MyFitnessPal.

Key is that no matter what you want to happen, you need to work at it. Work takes time. Get it scheduled.

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