No, I Do Not Want to Take Your Course on How to Make Money!

186: No, I Do Not Want to Take Your Course on How to Make Money! [Podcast]

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Ever take a course on how to make money?

Did you find it awesome and frustrating at the same time?

A while back I got a random phone call from a woman in New York. I have no idea how she got my name or number, but she said that she wanted my help. She was trying to get a business started so she could replace her income at her $60,000 per year job. But she was having no luck. She said “I have spent $12,000 trying to learn how to start and grow a company. Nothing has worked. I have bought books and taken courses at $2000 a whack. I am overwhelmed and still no income.”

Most of my coaching clients will say something similar. I will mention marketing from some pros like Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker, or …. so many others. These clients do not doubt that what Amy, Jeff, and the many others teach works – but they are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to put into an unknown. They also get new information daily via a blog post or Facebook ad. What do they do?

How to Make Money without Information Overload to Profit

1. Define clearly what business you are in.

Who do you want to impact and how? 

2. What is your initial goal? 

Forget things like $10,000 per month or to quit my day job. These are fine as goals go, but in startup mode, you need to think shorter term. What is the test going to look like?

Real goal examples:

  • Get two testimonies from happy customers
  • Generate 10 phone calls with prospects
  • Generate and ship my first 10 sales
  • Get 10 people to sign up for my webinar or workshop

These are all small starts – and be glad of that.

3. If you have to create a product, start with a service instead. 

This might be a short workshop you do or a coaching session. Maybe a 1 hour pre-recorded video that helps answer a specific question.

If you must create a product, start very simple.

4. Find a way to develop accountability and perspective. 

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