188: Business Ideas You Can Start From Home [Podcast]

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Ready for some business ideas you can start from home?

I get asked all the time for ideas – so today, I just wanted to share a few of them to help you see what is possible.

Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

  1. Coaching families or kids
    1.  Sports training
    2. Tutoring
    3. Health care for kids with special needs (like food allergies)
  2. Consulting for small businesses
    1. SEO
    2. Social media
    3. Payroll
    4. Bookkeeping
    5. Support
    6. Shipping
    7. Tech support
    8. Customer service
  3. Ecommerce site
    1. Sell products you make
    2. Become a value-added reseller
    3. Create online courses
  4. Sell products on eBay or Amazon
  5. Freelance your services – Design, writing, copywriting

Get started Now

  1. Start with the easiest product or service – Do something you do anyway.
  2. Start the easiest way – Use sites like Shopify, Amazon, or eBay to sell your products. For courses, use Udemy.
  3. Start now – Just do it now.
  4. Start imperfectly – Forget polish. Just post and then edit later

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