When to quit your day job

003: When to Quit Your Day Job [Podcast]

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In this broadcast we explore the question “When to Quit Your Day Job.” I find many people looking for freedom to pursue their passion by starting their own business and being self employed. Many want to have a home business. There are so many options to starting your own business and developing an entrepreneurial venture, but before we run out and quit our job to pursue our dream of freedom, we need to take come careful steps.

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In today’s show we consider what you should do before quitting your day job.

But first, I cover the basic premise of the company of one mentality. You own it.  Take responsibility for your career!

Then I review the Platform Conference. More on Platform can be found at michaelhyatt.com

Lastly, we consider the question of when to quit your day job. The basic points covered are as follows:

  1. Run to something instead of from something
  2. Find your calling and let it be the path you run toward.
  3. Learn what it is that you do and how it impacts others. This alone should drive you.

 Question:  What am I missing that you have found are critical steps to take before quitting your day job? 

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