203: Quit Being a Pawn [Podcast]

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Quit being a pawn. Stand up and fight back.

As you might be noticing yourself, nobody is listening. We have quit talking and turned instead to yelling at each other.

And, if nobody is talking, who is controlling the conversation? I have been watching what is going on in our country (I am in the US) for some time. We fight. 

Nobody is talking anymore. Everything is charged. We all think we have opinions and are fighting for the truth -but we are just being used. They want us fighting against each other. They want division. We are stepping up and marching to their orders.

We fight about issues such as politics, global warming, abortion, the second amendment, etc.

But nobody is listening to me, or to you, or to anyone. We are just fighting.

On TV “news” shows we see the news as one-sided. Even when they talk about having a discussion – it turns into insults and yelling. In the printed media, it is all just opinion laced with a few facts to make their care.

And social media – that is the cesspool of it all.

They tell us to get along – but is that what they really want?

I do not think so. They want us to fight. They encourage it.

Truth is – not matter what the issue – you and I likely agree more than we think.

Global warming is one issue.

Nobody wants dirty air or water or an out of control environment. We all would agree we need to be responsible. We might differ on what that means or who pays – but if we talked through it we would likely come up with something solid.

But we don’t because they do not want us to.

They want us fighting.

Who are they? I do not know – but they are not the media or the politicians They are all pawns.

They are not the voices on social media – they too are pawns.

They are not even many of the world leaders – they are pawns.

People like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are with them – which is why the “system” turns against both. Both men have far different views of things – but both hated by them equally because neither man plays by the rules.

Quit being a pawn

How? Start talking to one another. Get off the social media, sit down, care about others, and talk. We are more alike than we are different.


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