There Has Got to Be a Better Way

202: College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way [Podcast]

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A conversation I often have with parents is something like this:  

“College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way”.

College is like a money pit and does not offer such a powerful tool to create wealth and security as perhaps it did. In fact, if chosen poorly, it generates the opposite.

So today, I want to dive into the issue a little deeper and explore some thoughts.

College? There Has Got to Be a Better Way

The college experience has some issues that often go with it.

  1. massive debt
  2. wasted time
  3. opportunity cost
  4. converting good thinking kids into – well, something else (garbage in and reprogramming)

Yet as parents, we only hear of a few alternatives

  • Military
  • Trade school
  • Living in the  basement forever

The truth is, we want for our kids the same thing that the college experience used to really offer. We want

  • Opportunity to do anything they like
  • Ability to earn and prosper
  • Success on their own terms

So to think about this, let’s start by unpacking what college does still offer

  • A plan – course plan to get a degree that maps to some career
  • Measures of success – classes and grades
  • Accountability – timelines, deadlines
  • Credentials – diplomas showing success

Now the question is, how do we get this without college?

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