Moving from tech expert to leader

201: Moving from Tech Expert to Leader [Podcast]

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Moving from tech expert to leader in your organization can be tricky. Scientists, engineers, developers, architects, and many other experts move into leadership positions every day. Many companies expect this transition to take place. But other companies do not see tech experts as leaders – just as tech experts. It is kind of a new “blue-collar” thinking. Either way, the transition is not always easy.

Leadership positions come in many flavors, but the first moves are often as team leaders – where you are still on the technical side of things but you lead the activity of your peers. Project management or product management is another common path toward higher leadership positions.

Over the last 20 years, I have been coaching people into leadership – usually out of tech positions. Most go rather smoothly once the new leader to-be understands the game. But too often, the tech leader resists the change and new responsibilities and fails to grow.

So in today’s podcast, I am going to provide some observations from coaches who have helped tech experts makes the cut in leadership.

Moving from Tech Expert to Leader

Steps to move from tech exert to the leader.

  1. Make a decision
  2. Make it known
  3. Begin to learn
  4. Think like the leader now
  5. Be willing to let go

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