Can you Become an Engineer (or anything else) without a Degree

148: Can You Become an Engineer (or anything else) without a College Degree [Podcast]

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Do you really need a college degree to become an engineer? This subject is an often debated topic – especially in the hallowed halls of higher education.

Many of my peers hotly disagree with me on this subject.  They think I am committing blasphemy to bring up the idea that we may not be adding as much value as we (or any other institution) think we are adding. 

Can you become something without the degree? Even something like an engineer, where the expectation is a college degree? Let’s examine the facts.

Can You Become an Engineer – or anything else – without a Degree (Podcast Outline)

  1. Education is important – but…
    • Universities do not own the knowledge – we are one path
    • Universities and society THINK they are the only way
  2. Universities do two critical things to add value
    • Accountability
    • Credentialing
  3. Universities do not ALWAYS do these things
    • Quality education
    • Relevant education
  4. So what will disruptive innovation look like in higher ed? 
  5. Scenarios
    • Hiring engineer with $50k in debt who did in 4 years
    • Hiring an engineer with zero debt and did in 2 years using tools like Udemy, EdX, etc 
  6. How you can do this?
    • Focus on developing a plan that uses discipline 
    • Determine what you need to learn by looking at syllabi
    • Then find places to learn it. 
    • Set a schedule and do it
    • Focus on experience
    • Save a ton of money


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