How to continue to grow as an engineer

149: Why You Need to Continue to Grow as an Engineer [Podcast]

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Do you grow as an engineer or technology professional? You know the saying

“If you are not growing, you are dying”

It is true for your career – a lot more than you think.

You see, many of us engineers think “We’ve got this.” The technology changes going on around us are the one thing we know well. In fact, we sometimes created them.

But blinders are everywhere. Today I hope to help you see why growth is so important.

Why You Need to Continue to Grow as an Engineer (Podcast Outline)

  1. Why –  Recognize how critical it is to grow as an engineer
    • Most technology professions are changing rapidly
    • New engineers “graduate” every year with new skills
    • Constant pressure on companies to make the best use of workforce and skillsets
  2. Companies are always exiting the old stuff and moving to the new. What part are you in?
  3. Current innovations that will change the game
    • Major Movers in Tech
      • Networks and sensors
      • Infinite computing
      • AI or Artificial Intelligence – 80% of jobs involve service industry – four fundamental skills
        • Looking
        • Reading
        • Writing
        • Integrating knowledge – pulling data from various sources
      • Robotics
      • Genomics and synthetic biology
    • Spinoffs of these
      • 3D printing everything
      • Automation of basic task – driving!

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Down to Earth Facts
“Dale, thanks for your real, honest, down to earth style of educating us on timeless success principles as opposed to those myths we make up about things! As a member of your mastermind group, I promise we were NOT laughing at you! We are inspired by you!”

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