010: The Number One Career Killer | How to Get Rid of it for Good [PODCAST]

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Are you killing your career? In this episode we will examine that number one career killer. It is a silent killer. Daily it creeps in and shows itself in subtle ways, slowly moving your brand to something less than desired.

But maybe even more important, we will look at ways to mitigate and eliminate that career killer for good!

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The Number One Career Killer

The big killer is passion, or lack of passion actually. Do not think so? Listen to the message for the specifics of how it kills opportunity. You too are guilty of judging people on passion, and you might be surprised how often you do this.  Again, if you think I am wrong, make sure you listen in.

Lack of passion shows up in so many ways, including apathy and general attitude, and then creeps to work quality. But, even if you think you can fake it for a while, the lack of passion is so visible that everyone sees it.

How to Eliminate the Career Killer

First, find work you love. OK – this is given, but if you struggle here or do not know what this work would be, then download my ebook on Finding Your Calling. Below are the key steps to take to help you ignite some passion in your work, even if it is not the job of your dreams. (Sometimes we just have to do this!)

1. Reconnect with your work and those you serve. Identify those internal customers.

2. Go talk to your internal customers and listen to how your work impacts them.

3. Add value daily. Look for new ways to add value to everyone.

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