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025: Three Success Lifestyles [Podcast]

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When I went to college and started work, I learned about one lifestyle. It was confirmable and predictable. But it also was not for me. Since then I have found three very different lifestyles being lived out before me. Each one offers its own measure of success and satisfaction. However, it seems most people are stuck in one lifestyle not knowing there are two other options.

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Recently in a class on entrepreneurship, I asked each person to define which lifestyle they wanted to live. Here are the three options as I see them.

Three Lifestyles

  1. Job – This is the person who loves their work and really does not want anything else. They enjoy working for others and solving the problems in their industry. They make enough money for they needs. Their goal is to grow at work by either a) moving up the ladder, b) becoming a better domain expert in the field instead of moving up, or c) just working and finding out how to add more value. Could be all three. Key is, this person is not looking to go it alone.
  2. Venture junkie – The driven lifestyle. For those who are very passionate about doing something big. World changing innovators. These kinds of ventures often have lots of risk and unknowns requiring lots of money, drive, and time. This person is not afraid of working around the clock. They are not really money driven as much as they are goal driven. They are OK living on less now for the hope of a big win in the next five to seven years. This person is not afraid of massive amounts of debt or investment to make things happen. Steve Jobs is a classic example of this kind of person.
  3. Freedom lifestyle – This person is more interested in freedom. They want to control their time and their income. They are not really looking for a huge payout, but would like to grow to earn more money in a lower risk method. Often this person is debt adverse. They want to be able to live where they want, work when they want, and go when they want. They too are not afraid of hard work, but on their own terms. Often this group is more concerned with an idea as opposed to a technology or innovation. Dave Ramsey is a good example of this kind of person.

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