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030: Networking Within The Company [Podcast]

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Hate playing politics? Feel like “networking within the company” is just sucking up? Have you considered why it matters to you and how you can network effectively – without looking like a slime-ball?

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Join me in the podcast while I explore this subject. I will share some things I have learned. Would also love to hear what you have learned from your experiences.


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Why Networking Within The Company Matters

I know it is time consuming, but when done correctly, networking inside the company can provide you a few key benefits.

  • Learn what others are doing. Also learn how it impacts you. Do not allow yourself to be blind-sided by some decision made by another group or division. When you are consistently spending time learning about what the other sections of your company are doing every day, you stay on top of the decisions that may impact your group or division
  • Learn about new opportunities. Even some relatively small companies are loaded with opportunity. The only way to know what is going on and where the opportunity can be found, is by being part of the organization as a whole.
  • Contribute to the conversation. Here you get to influence the decisions and the opinions of others. Contribution doesn’t mean bragging, but neither does it mean being demanding. Most of the time, it is likely a lot of listening and helping others solve THEIR problems.
  • Add more value. When you find ways to take what you do and help others you increase your value. For example, you might teach others skills you have in your department.

How To Network Within The Company

  • Attend planning meetings.
  • Attend internal workshops. (which are often optional)
  • Show up where your company is learning about or evaluating vendors and technologies.
  • Show up at meetings where leaders are asking questions and interacting with others.
  • Reach out and ask for help from others
  • Reach out to internal customers to learn what they are doing so you can help them do a better job..
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  1. Eldrick Tate

    All very true points! Networking is key to growing in your company. Listening to this podcast defiinitely turned on some light bulbs on how to better network inside my company. There are many opportunites inside my company that I probably don’t even know exist…. not yet at least.

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