Breaking out of corporate life to go it alone - An interview with Marcin Kwiecinski

033: Breaking Out of Corporate – Interview with Marcin Kwiecinski [Podcast]

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Today I bring you an interview with someone who has experience breaking out of corporate life and starting his own business. I have been absent a few weeks. I took a blogging sabbatical. Have you ever tried that – a sabbatical from the normal? I suspect some of my reasons are like the reasons many of us take a break: to get clarity. My search for clarity led me to a very valuable conversation with Marcin Kwiecinski of Poland. Marcin really helped me get to the bottom of some key issues. But, during our conversation, I realized Marcin might have something to say to you also.

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Marcin has taken a leap, and left the corporate world. While he is not in the United States, much of his path outside the big company to his own business is not unlike what we would experience here in the states. So today, I bring you insights in breaking free from across the sea. 

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How to Start Breaking Out of Corporate Life

  1. Act Now: Why you need NOT wait to get moving on something that can add new ideas.
  2. Passion: How he accidentally found a new business from his passion.
  3. Integrity: How he worked with his current employer to make the move safe for everyone involved.
  4. Transition: Change does not happen overnight. Learn how Marcin realized it was time to make a move and why he picked the time he did to act.
  5. Move: How do you deal with the conflict of wanting to stay “safe” while knowing you need to be making some changes?

Marcin’s Advice for You (Especially if you are an IT worker)

  1. Recognize that in technology, change is by default. If you are not changing, you are dying. (I personally think this is in every industry.)
  2. Make sure you get skills beyond your “technology.” Business skills and relational (soft) skills are critical to success.
  3. Be ready to take on personal branding. You are your own “marketing officer.” You have to create the image you want others to see when they look at you and your business.
  4. Leave your day job on good terms. Microsoft (his former employer) is one of his customers.

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