My Most Popular Shows of 2014

084: My Most Popular Shows of 2014 [Podcast]

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In my annual review, I wanted to find my most popular shows of 2014. Why would you care? First, many of you are content creators and I wanted to show you how I find new ideas. Second, it is just fun to learn what others are thinking. So here is a quick review of my most popular shows of 2014.

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Looking Back to 2014

I hope by now that all of you have had a chance to look back at some things that worked in 2014. Looking back to my most visited pages tells me what people are thinking and what matters most to them.

Live Webinar – How to Create Your First Information Product

On January 20, 2015 I am going to do a live webinar on How to Create Your First Information Product in 30 Days. I’m getting ready for the next release of Product Creation Academy so I’m going to cover some steps about how you can create information products.

Most Popular Pages of 2014:

“My most popular post in 2014: 5 Ways to Create Productive Thinking Times”]

 What Did I Learn from This?

  • What’s the meaning of it? The thinking time was such a big post, it must be a big issue
  • Should I be creating more content around this subject?
  • What’s the need? What do I need to do with that?

And perhaps you could let me know as people are looking at these pages and links, what is it they are looking for? Are they misunderstanding what the page is about? I rarely seem to get a lot of questions from these pages so I’m not sure if people are searching it and get to the page and it’s not what they want. Or they come to the page and it’s exactly what they want and it answers all their questions and they go away. I have no idea. I would to hear any thoughts you have.

Encouragement for 2015

My encouragement to you is to go back to 2014 and look at your calendar, look at maybe where you spent money, look at things you did, look at interactions and just take a look. When you look at those things what worked, what didn’t work in 2014? What can you learn? What changes can you make now? You now can plow forward but, I think it’s very valuable to learn from the past.

Shout Out

Shout out to Servante, a member of my Podcast Creation Academy and he’s says,

Life changing. Dale gives his audience practical and actionable insights. He’s well knowledgeable and highly respected in both academic and business communities. Thanks, Dale, for sharing your wisdom and motivating us all to reach for that golden ring.” Servante on iTunes

Business Venture Bonus

Many people are looking at business ideas and there’s just not a lot of time. So, I’m going to just kind of share with you one of the bonuses since it’s almost tax time. From a business point of view we have to do some stuff pretty early in January. Each month we calculate income, expenses and profit. Then we take 25% from our profit. The 25% stays there and is not spent. It belongs to the IRS. But every single year when we pay taxes, it’s less than the 25% we have set back.

Having a business venture like this allows you to generate enough money to cover taxes. Even though I have a day job the business ventures allow me to generate money and take control of how we pay our taxes as well as where the money comes from. So it’s an awesome thing. So I’ll be sharing with you some thoughts about some of the benefits of owning your own business as we go along.

We want you to make things happen. We would love to hear from you so give us a shout out, email or tweet.


Join us January 20th for the webinar, How to Create Your First Information Product in 30 Days


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