A Career Founded by Pain

089: A Career Founded by Pain [Podcast]

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When we think of ways to make a living, we often get stuck on our training, our college degree, and our past work history. But, many careers have been started out of raw personal experiences. Today I interview one of those career changers – Steve Ozanich, – who went from engineer to author specializing in chronic pain relief. His journey did not take him through medical school, but instead through personal pain and finally relief.

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Why I Wanted this Interview

When I invited Steve to do a podcast with me, I had four reasons in mind.

  1. Career Defined by Passion – He is another example of someone who took his personal journey and passion to make it his career. In the audio you will hear the passion!
  2. Pain is Prominent at Work – Since I know many of you hate your jobs or careers, I can only assume many of you are suffering physical pain and going through a lot of healthcare paths looking for help. Steve might just open you up to the real cause of the pain.
  3. New Career Field is Created – Through the obsession of a few medical doctors and the patients, entirely new career fields are being created. It is our job to seek out new paths for our passion – and looking at the old way is not always the path we should take.
  4. Leaders are in Danger of Having Chronic Pain – Those who are leaders in many areas of their life tend to get caught in many one way relationships – where you the leader always have to be “on” and holding up your team, your company, and your family. The result is often isolation and very few true friends. Steve reminded me that almost all pain and illness comes from relationship issues, or a lack of connection with others.

“Most chronic pain comes from a lack of connection with others.”]

Results of the Interview on The Great Pain Deception

1. We discussed personal life real issues resulting in a new career and how it happened.

2. The power of your mind. So many people in this society have a negative view of themselves and their abilities, they talk themselves out of success. Some of the same issues resulting in pain also result in failure – or perhaps I should say limited success.

3. Dealing with pain. If you suffer from back pain, IBS, carpel tunnel, knee pain, or any other chronic pain this audio and the books listed below might be worth your time to investigate.



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