Dealing with Overwhelm

090: Dealing with Overwhelm [Podcast]

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Overwhelmed? Recently, I spent some time in Dallas with members of my mastermind team and one topic that kept coming up over and over was the feeling of being overwhelmed. So, we decided to take an hour out and talk about strategies for dealing with overwhelm by learning what each one of us does when we feel overwhelmed. I took notes, and now I share them with you.

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Strategies in Dealing with Overwhelm


  • Define what really matters: We tend to think we can do everything and serve everyone. We can’t. Give it up. Figure out what really matters and focus your attention there.
  • Just Say No: Say no to almost anything that is not a HECK YES!!! Once you have defined what really matters, this is easier. A great read on this is the book Essentialism.
  • Say yes once: Related to the Just Say No, learn to focus on what really matters. Just say yes to the number one thing. Everything else falls away.

Look Inside

  • Recognize it is emotional: We tend to get caught up in our own drama and think things are worse than they really are. We put unreasonable demands on ourselves, often because we expect these are the things others want from us. We have to step back from the emotions – the anger, resentment, fear, and worry – and look at really what the problem is.
  • Move from FOMO to JOMO: Change our view from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out ) to JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Resign from boards you do not care about. Quit activities that do not matter. Have the joy of focus.
  • Recognize that overwhelm is not a solution: So often I hear people tell me “I am just overwhelmed right now” as if by saying it they gave released tension and solved the problem. Sure, they got to vent, but nothing is solved. Getting bent out of shape never solved anything.
  • It is your story: Rather than thinking about what others want us to be, recognize that we can make up a new story. What is your story? What do you want it to be? Dave Ramsey is famous for saying that we can wake up and look in the mirror and decide today who we want to be tomorrow. That is freedom.

Take Action

  • When we get negative – get active. Go for a walk, workout, or do something physical. One of our members said “When I feel overwhelmed I go for a walk and meditate and pray. I invite voice of God to answer.”
  • Exercise: Usually when deadlines get tight, people stop working out. Big mistake. Keep regular exercise as  priority. If the busiest people in the world have time for it, so do you.

Connect and Seek Counsel

  • Talk it out: Sometimes having someone to talk to helps you develop clarity. If you do not have a friend who will be quiet and listen, tell your dog. If you do not have a dog, borrow one. They will still listen.

Have Faith

Every member of my mastermind team is a Christian so much of their view of life comes from their faith. Here are some things that came up.

  • Faith: Trust in God to control things and stop trying to do it all. The world does not depend on us to hold it up.
  • God will lead: This was a freeing statement to me “It is impossible to chose the wrong path – every path you chose is God’s plan.”

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