126: Assessment of Your Personal Economy [Podcast]

by | Jan 3, 2017

Your personal economy is usually thought of as a combination of your finances, your time, and your career. In this episode of Company of One, you are going to do an assessment using a downloadable worksheet. This exercise will help you determine the current state and set some goals to improve your personal economy.

“Do you know the state of your personal economy? #PersonalDevelopment #Download”]

To get started, download the Assessment of Your Personal Economy worksheet here.

Questions range from basic finance, to where your income comes from (income independence factor), and how you spend your time.

To help fill this out, you can also download a completed example of the assessment here.

In the podcast (audio) I cover how to fill out the form.

What You will Learn

In the assessment, you will find out or decide on the following:

  • Do you have enough income and income independence?
  • Do you have enough of an emergency fund?
  • What is your net worth (and how to calculate it)?
  • How much should you have in net worth for your age and income?
  • How to increase your income?
  • What should you be working on in the next 90 days?


Links mentioned in this episode:

Why you need to start your own business (the 25% rule) 

Building Your Own Business

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