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128: Create A Personal Marketing Plan For 2017 [Podcast]

by | Jan 17, 2017

As a business owner, I know the value of a business marketing plan. A marketing plan typically covers a year of activity. By having a plan, we know what is coming and can slowly move toward a goal. You also need a marketing plan – a personal marketing plan. Why would you leave your image and your future growth up to chance? You need to have a specific plan for how you will grow in the next year. Here are some quick ideas to help you develop a plan to grow the business of you.

“You need a personal marketing plan to grow the brand of you. #CompanyofOne”]

The key steps to getting to the marketing plan are:

1. Evaluate your image

  • What message do you communicate via your words?
    • Social Media – What message are you sending?
    • Your spoken words – Are you uttering phrases like “Thank God It’s Friday” or communicating a negative image unintentionally?
    • Your attitude – Are you that grumbling cashier who has 15 more minutes to get to a break and is happy to tell the customer how long they have been working?
    • Foul language – Do you blurt out expletives? Do you think it is OK and everyone does it?
  • How they see you. Visual images tell a lot.
    • Posture – Do you look weak and passive or strong and confident?
    • Dress – Are you dressing like a professional in your field? Look at your bosses and your CEO for a clue.

2. Set goals

What do you want for you in the next 2-5 years? This might not sound like an image issue, but when you know what you want it comes across often in conversation. But, this also helps you make quick decisions on so many things that happen through the day. You become intentional instead of passive.

3. Get feedback from 3-10 people. One of the most powerful ways to see where you stand is to simply ask.

Pick 3-10 people that you want to influence and ask them for feedback. One of the most powerful ways to see where you stand is to ask.
Ask your boss(es), co-workers, and those in professional organizations where you volunteer.

  • Ask them how you are doing and what they think you need to work on for your personal marketing.
  • Tell them you want their honest feedback.
  • Email is a great way to do this.

4. Hire a coach to help you grow

Yes, a coach. We get a coach to get in shape, to learn a sport, or even to learn a new skill. But, we never think about getting help with those tiny little things that impact our income. So, hire a coach even if you do not know why you are doing it. The coach will lead you through the process.

Coaches will help you

  • Find your blind spots
  • Clarify your goals
  • Be accountable to make positive changes

5. Create a monthly marketing plan

With self-evaluation, feedback from others, and coaching as part of the plan, you can find something to do – even if a small thing – every month to help you grow. Schedule time in your own Tiger Time to focus on growth.


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