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130: How to Increase Your Income – Without Working Any Harder or Any Longer [Podcast]

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We have all heard it. You might have even said it “The harder I work, the less I make.” If you feel that way, you are doing it wrong.

Back in episode 129, we explored the idea of being a Company of One. That means you, yes you, are an entrepreneur right now. And what reasonable business owner would settle for working harder and making less money.

Today we will explore some simple and practical (yes doable) ideas to help you increase your income.

While on the same job! No need to quit. No need to take a side gig. Instead, let’s look at your number one incomes source – your job – and find untapped potential to make more money.


>> [02:19] The $30,000 challenge. In our online graduate program (UAB IEM), we push people to grow their income by $30,000n while they are in the program.

>> [02:46] EXCUSES: I already work so many hours a day. I don’t have time to take a side job. I work for the government. I work for a big company and we don’t operate like that. I am at the top of my pay range. All that’s a bunch of bull because all that doesn’t matter.

>> [6:28] Your customers – anybody who takes out money from their pocket to pay you. These are your customers.

>> [9:03] What do your customers need from you? What’s missing?

>> [17:17] Example 1 – Repackaging data for better communication.

>> [20:06] Example 2 – Expand your role with what you know well.

>> [21:13] Example 3 – A skill you have learned how to do that your team might need. In other words, add a new service.

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