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131: Overwhelmed at Work? How to Eliminate, Delegate, and Automate Your Work [Podcast]

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Overwhelmed at work? You have to learn to eliminate, delegate, and automate.

I know what you are thinking…

Eliminate? What can I stop doing? It all has to be done.

Delegate? To who?

Automate? I do not have time (or the skill) to do that.

Really. Then why do some people, who are busy like you, seem to get more done? Come on – you know some of them just like I do.

The number one issue professionals talk about is being overwhelmed. Too much to do, to little time, and new stuff coming every minute. What a hassle.

Today we will look at a simple process for getting clarity and then getting busy fixing what is broke by eliminating, delegating, and automating some (or all) of our work.

No need to be a victim – Take control and fix it.

>> [01:56] Overwhelm is not a fix it once and done problem. Like cleaning out the closet, you have to continually revisit.

>> [03:53] Meetings. We can’t just stop doing them, we just need to eliminate some and make the others more effective. And more effective does not always mean shorter.

>> [06:46] Do an assessment called Delegate and Elevate. Takes a few minutes, but well worth the time.

>> [11:23] Often we are doing work that our internal customers do not value or even know we are doing.

>> [18:42] A coworker of mine had a knack for leaving the office with nothing done and coming back the next day with a great presentation ready. He was using creative outsourcing.

>> [22:16] Automation is easy, often requires no skill, and even free much of the time.

Try one of my automation tools that keeps me from being overwhelmed at work – set a meeting with me

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