How to Find a Business Idea for a Side Hustle

137: How to Find a Business Idea for a Side Hustle [Podcast]

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Want to know how to find a business idea for a side hustle?

To some, it seems daunting – to others simple.

You might be the person who comes up with 20 ideas a day, or maybe you are the person who has no ideas.

Either way, there are traps in both sets of thinking.

Today I will go over some simple ways to uncover ideas and common mistakes others make.

How to Find a Business Idea for a Side Hustle (Outline of the podcast) 

  1. Goals of the Side Hustle
    • What is a Side hustle?
    • What can you expect to earn (realistically)?
  2. Two quick ways to generate ideas
    • The Calling Exercise
      • What do you love to do?
      • Where are you gifted?
      • What do others ask your help with?
    • Search for similar services
      • Fiverr, Udemy, Amazon, or local services pages
      • What do you see offered that you know well
  3. What to do first
  4. Common mistakes
    • Overthinking it
    • Trying to make it perfect. (Sitting at Fivver worrying over the packages $5, $50, $100) Just hit enter and adjust
    • Failing to deliver. When someone buys from you – respond and deliver fast

Upcoming Episode 138 next week – how to find time to start a side hustle

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