How to use the reverse interview to stand out with your current company

136: How to Use the Reverse Interview to Stand Out in Your Current Company [Podcast]

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How can you use the reverse interview to stand out in your current company? 

In this podcast, I will should you just how to do that!

Here is my outline of how to use the reverse interview on your current job

  1. What is a reverse interview? Check out my previous episodes for details on the process. A quick summary would be that the reverse interview is used to help you connect to people by asking specific questions to get them to talk. Usually, this is used to find a job or start a company. The questions are:
    • How did you get to where you are? 
    • What do you love or hate about this job? 
    • What keeps you awake at night? 
  2. Why use the reverse interview with your current company?
    • To help you do a better job.
      • To learn how different departments and teams work.
      • To seek to understand.
    • Personal reasons.
      • To find new opportunities.
      • To get noticed and promoted.
  3. How to do the reverse interview on the job.
    • Be targeted and intentional.
      • Start by defining what you want to learn. 
        • What goes on in another group?
        • How to grow into leadership?
        • How to improve processes on your side as you interface with another group?
      • Check out other lines of revenue in your company to learn best practices (Schools at a university, different product lines, different locations).
      • Reach out to meet one-on-one to discuss problem X or opportunity Y or to learn how they do Z. 
    • Be general and open.
      • Go to meetings. Go to some of those boring and pointless meetings to learn who the people are and what they do. 
      • Connect with those who you work within other departments to “understand better”.
    • Be growth-minded.
      • Who is in the position you want to be in.
    • Be careful.
      • Get the blessing of your boss before doing this.
      • Connect with higherups OUTSIDE of the company. Professional organizations. 

Specific Talking Points from the Podcast

>> [01:15] What is a reverse interview? Let me give you a brief review.

>> [04:26] The reverse interview process is great for your company of one. It allows you to network powerfully inside your company.

>> [09:26] Often we need to connect to higher-ups in the company. Here is a trick I have used with many clients.

>> [13:38] In many companies, conflicts can arise by talking above your level. Here are some tricks to do that and be accepted.


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