What I Want to Hear You Say in an Interview

135: What I Want to Hear You Say in an Interview [Podcast]

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What I want to hear you say in an interview is how you will help me win. It is as simple as that.

But while most of us understand this simple message, we think we have to talk about ourselves – accomplishments, strengths, all that stuff.


Remember that you are a Company of One.

You are looking for a new customer.

So in a job interview, you are trying to sell a POTENTIAL customer.

Customers do not care about you, your plans, or your goals except in how they help them achieve their goals.

So, what you say in an interview should be you talking about yourself but making it sound like you are talking about me.

What does this look like 

#1 – Tell me how you fit into the company culture. 

How do you show this?

  1. Ask me questions about my culture
  2. Show that you have met and know some of my team.

#2 – Care about what I need and value

Demonstrate by

  1. Asking me directly how a person in the position you are applying for wins
  2. What is your measure of success

What I do NOT want to hear

  • Complaints about past employers or coworkers. Instead, talk about why you left in terms of you.
  • Do not tell me how to run my business.

The key message here – show me how you add value to me and my team.

Here are a few highpoints from the podcast:

>> [01:32] We are always being interviewed. Every time you have a discussion with a business owner or someone who has the power to hire, an interview is going on.

>> [05:30] I want to know how you fit my culture. This is how you do that.

>> [08:44] Demonstrate to me that you already know my team.

>> [13:42] The questions you ask me tell me a lot about you.

>> [19:21] This is how you demonstrate expertise without insulting me.

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