146: How to Develop Confidence and Composure – Even When You are Scared to Death [Podcast]

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Develop confidence. That is the challenge. 

The desire to develop more confidence and composure under pressure is a common theme we see in our professional graduate students. Even those who seem like they are highly confident will confess one-on-one that they are lacking. 

A quick look will show that everyone lacks confidence at some level. And all want to develop confidence to a higher level. Yes, even those hard-driving people who look and sound like they eat confidence for breakfast. We are all insecure. 

So how can you and I become more confident? It is not as hard as we might think.

How to Develop Confidence and Composure (Podcast outline)

  1. First, recognize that you are not alone
    • Everyone lacks confidence
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Bill Smith story
  1. Control your inner talk
    • Capture your thoughts
    • Use Third Person (refer to Late Bloomers)
  2. Take back control in the moment
    • Smile – relaxing for you and others
    • Breathe – 
      • In these intense moments, we tend to hold our breath
      • Deep and slow breathes
    • Slow down your talking
    • Lower your voice and your tone
  3. Find others insecurity 
    • When someone is yelling,  think “What is gnawing at them?” Often the real issue is not what they are yelling about.  
    • When someone is bragging about all they have done and you feel like you have little to show, look deep into their eyes. They are trying to sell you something.
  4. Fake it until you make it
    • Think of it as an adventure you wanted to take
    • Pretend you are confident
    • The notebook 
    • The Fresnel zone
  5. Grow it over Time 
    • Control your thinking and self-talk
    • Download a calm app and practice meditation and breathing
  6. Relax knowing tension helps us perform better


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I’ve been listening to Dale’s podcasts for over a year now and he does a fantastic job of finding, and thoroughly answering questions that are amazingly relevant to entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone seeking to improve their career. I consistently recommend Dale’s presentations, podcasts, and books to my network of friends and contacts. He is a great communicator and sincerely desires to help people succeed.


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