It's OK If You Don't Want to Be an Entrepreneur [Podcast]

151: You Don’t Want to Be an Entrepreneur? [Podcast]

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It’s OK If You Don’t Want to Be an Entrepreneur. Really!

You see the message everywhere that you should quit your day job, take the risk, and make money.

You might be hearing statements like:

  • You are busy making someone else rich.
  • You are selling out.
  • Entrepreneurs are modern heroes.
  • Business owners make the big bucks.
  • University Entrepreneurship programs are booming. Must be something – right?

Forget the lies and the hype – instead, learn to be a company of one – as an entrepreneur or an employee. Then you have all the choices in the world!

It’s OK If You Don’t Want to Be an Entrepreneur (Podcast Outline)

  1. The messages we hear about entrepreneurship.
  2. What is the truth?
    • About earnings.
    • About freedom.
    • About being the CEO.
    • About customers.
    • About entrepreneurship programs at universities.
  3. Being a Company of One.
    • Find the work you love doing.
    • Serve others.
    • Grow.

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