Five Ways to Grow Your Income Without Leaving Your Day Job

155: Five Ways to Grow Your Income Without Leaving Your Day Job [Podcast]

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Looking to grow your income without leaving your day job?

Growing our income is one of the most common goals we all have – but we rarely talk about it like growth.

Instead, I hear others tell me “I want to make more money”

But what does that mean? Usually a new job or a pay raise. 

When I ask “How are you going to make that happen?” the answers come back 

  • Wait for my boss to give me a raise, I guess?
  • Hope that they finally pay me what I am worth.
  • I am looking for a new job. (usually passively)

The challenge is most of us are waiting on someone else to grow our income. 


Five Ways to Grow Your Income Without Leaving Your Day Job  (Podcast Outline)

#1 – Start a side hustle doing what you love.

There is no easier way to increase your income and create a long term flow of money. 

  • Teaching others how to do what you love and are good at. We see a lot of this on  – courses on how to use their camera, learn a language, do building projects, fix houses, etc.
  • Providing a service for others doing something. Pressure washing. Lawn care. Dog sitting. Organizing kitchens. Making cakes.

#2 – Sell stuff on CraigsList, FB Marketplace, ETSY, eBay

All that junk sitting around that you do not use. Take a photo and put it on Craigslist. A friend of mine tells me he sees something that they do not use and he grabs his phone, takes a photo, and posts it. Gone. 

One of my team members needed to generate some cash to cover her last few terms in grad school. She started taking pictures of household items she no longer needed and put them on Facebook Marketplace. She sold it all generating enough money to cover her tuition. 

WARNING: Can become habitual. I know several people that have had such success on eBay and other platforms that they decided to just not go back to work. 

#3 – Increase your income on the job (This is often the easiest – but not the fastest)

#4 – Start freelancing

You have skills. Even if you think you don’t, you do. Search sites like Upwork and Fiver to see what other people are outsourcing. What are they doing that you can do? 

#5 – Take a second job (one that is fun) 

  • Work in a seasonal shop that you enjoy.
  • Help a company you like to buy from. Usually a local company.
  • Help a friend grow their company.


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