Here’s how to make $30k on the side in 9 Steps

169: How to make $30k on the side in 9 Steps [Podcast]

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Learn how to make $30k on the side. Think about it – $30,000 a year extra (that is $2500 per month) is not chump change, but many people have no idea how to make $30k on the side. But I coach people to do this all the time – and as you might guess – simple steps. Not easy – but simple.

Here’s how to make $30k on the side in 9 Steps (Podcast Outline)

  1. Identify what you love to do. 
  2. Uncover fun ways to make money doing what you love. 
  3. Discover who is doing it now. 
  4. Learn from their experience. 
  5. Who do you want to serve? Define your audience. Get crystal clear about the people or companies who need what you have to offer.  
  6. Define what they want. Want is the KEY word here. 
  7. Develop a product or service to fit their needs.  
  8. Set a value-based price, so the product/service sells itself. 
  9. Serve your customers and make your money. 

These steps are simple (not easy).

  • They require mastery
  • Relentless commitment and
  • An unshakable belief in you. 

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Shout Out

Important Life Lessons Made Simple
Dales is great! He has a practical way of delivering his guidance in a simple to digest manner. His points are so relevant to the mundane business world we live in today. If you want to escape the routine and grow, listen to Dale!!

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