7 Things I have Learned from Being an Entrepreneur

194: 7 Things I Have Learned from Being an Entrepreneur [Podcast]

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Today we discuss 7 things I have learned from being an entrepreneur. While there are many courses, especially in universities that teach entrepreneurship, I have found a lot of what they talk about and teach to miss the point. The academic model of entrepreneurship just does not translate into the real world if you really want to make money.

So today – let’s talk about seven of those things.

7 Things I Have Learned from Being an Entrepreneur

  1. Execution is everything. Action means more than plans.
  2. You cannot determine how your customers should spend their money.
  3. Broke people are not really broke.
  4. Niche market products are better. Think about My Pillow.
  5. Money is the easy part.
  6. Marketing is more important than the product.
  7. Prospects lie, customers speak the truth.

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