Connecting Your Calling to Money and Career

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Moving from Calling to careerMy previous post on finding your calling walked you through the process of finding work you love – or finding your calling.

My example was me!

As you should have guessed, that post was part of a process which defines your calling, career, and job. I have seen this many places – but first learned about it from Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love.  I have also detailed this process in my book, Resumes are Worthless.

A List for You?

Hopefully you too have created a list of things you love to do. If not, I encourage you to go back to the post on calling and give it a try. Now  we will look at how you can find a way to make a living doing what you love. REALLY.


Many words are caution are needed here:

  • Write everything down. This is brainstorming, do not second guess the ideas. No one is committing you to them!
  • Do not worry about job descriptions or jobs you know of. Instead, just think about how you can get paid even a few dollars for doing something you love.
  • Forget about the box that confines you! We can define the box as those things that confine your options. Below is a list of the things that confine many people. How many OTHER things can you think of where your thinking limits you?
    • Degree (or no degree)
    • Certifications
    • Work Experience
    • Personal status (age, married or not, kids or not, etc)
    • History (fired, immigration status, convicted felon, bankruptcy, etc)
    • Financial status (broke, in debt, wealthy, conservative, non-risk taker)

My Example

Starting from the list I made as my example, I will now do step two of the process. Here you are to look back at your list and write down ways to make money from the last list. For me some ways I could make money doing what I love…

  • Coaching others in finding jobs
  • Job counselor for county, city, state or some agency
  • Outplacement coordinator
  • Book author about how to get work
  • Book author on taking control of career
  • Paid speaking on the subject of career
  • Paid speaking on the subject of empowering your employees to act like a business
  • Teaching entrepreneurship at college and/or high-school
  • Teaching entrepreneurship in seminars for people who want to leave their jobs
  • Financial counselor, speaker, and blogger
  • Investment advisor for company
  • Independent investment advisor
  • Start a university that focuses on teaching real stuff that matters to people getting work
  • Sell newsletters on investments
  • Sell how-to guides on real estate investing
  • Sell how-to guides on homeschooling
  • Sell how-to guides on fitness and diet
  • Real estate flipper
  • Real estate investing
  • Commercial pilot
  • Faculty member in forward thinking business school
  • Faculty in forward thinking engineering school
  • Curriculum designer
  • Success coach
  • Motivational expert
  • Healthcare success coach – related to weight, fitness, various medical conditions treated with mind and activity
  • Speaker on apologetics
  • Management consultant – helping leaders motivate team and solve issues
  • Management consultant helping leaders overcome obstacles
  • Consultant teaching people or companies how to raise income/revenue
  • Marketing consultant
  • TV or radio show around above topics (advertising game)
  • Sell advertising for my blog
OK – that is enough for now. Again, my list is not that important to you. What is important is seeing the length of the list – and I can image each point on my list has 5-6 ways to make money from that so this list could become pages and pages long without much work. Also, I am already doing some of these things, and you likely will end up with things you are currently doing on your  list – that is unless you hate your job.
Now What?
Now you need a similar list. Take time to do it. Do it day after day for a while and see what crazy things you add to it. But once you seem to run out of ideas, now look for patterns. For instance in mine I see several patterns.
  • Teaching/speaking/writing show up quite a bit – seems I have something I want to say. (Hence the blog;)
  • People taking control – a lot of what I am talking about is people taking back control of their own lives. Notice money, health, and career.
  • Consulting shows up a lot – which is somewhat like last point
  • Investing shows up a few times – perhaps this is a passive income issue. Some of this might be that I hate to be inside and like to be out and about a lot so real estate shows up?
  • Helping people is an overriding theme
  • Positive thinking is an overriding theme (may not show up to you, but I guess I know what I mean in several of these better than I wrote it down)
Your List
OK, as much as I love to talk about me, what about your favorite subject – YOU? Can you look back at your other lists and throw out 20-30 ideas. Dan Miller says not to stop until you have a least 20 ideas – and I agree. In fact, I would not stop for days. Come back to this list for a week and add thoughts to it!
Now, you try it. I dare you! Some people I know are scared to do this! Are you?
Again – share it with me in comments, email, other. Feel free to ask for input and I will give you some feedback. Heck – to me this is just fun!


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  1. J. Orozco

    I love to see people as yourself, using your extensive knowledge and experience in a positive way. Going back to the basics and giving people a different perspective and medium to untangle their broad perception of lives complications. Giving it straight forward so people can appreciate the strength of your messages (our will is stronger than the mediocrity set as a standard in society today) through your blog. Bravo!

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