Examples of Those Who Have Escaped Cubicle Insanity

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Cubicle insanity. One of the frequent issues I find in dealing with people in the corporate world is that they have no idea HOW to turn their passions into profits. It is as if we get a corporate lobotomy after working in the cubicle farm. We get cubicle insanity.

Can you reverse your corporate lobotomy and cubicle insanity? Yes. How? By looking at examples that will expand your mind. While I find these examples in people I meet and in books I read – I have now found a site that has dozens on the stories listed for your reading.

cubicle insanity
Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade (a great read!!) has a blog site dedicated to the stories of those who have broken free. The site is called Renegade Profiles.

Just as an example – here is one of those profiles about a “starving artist” who figured out how to make it work doing what she loves.

If you are stuck trying to figure out what to do – spend some time on Renegade Profiles!


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