Finding freedom as an entrepreneur

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Have you ever been told you were wrong? I was — just the other day. I did a re-post of Jonathan Fields blog post called The 4 Delusions of Entrepreneurs.

A friend of mine who is an Internet marketeer very gently blasted me – privately. I was going to add his comments to the post as “comments”  — but I have to think he is so dead on that I just want to make them a new post.

Here are the comments from Patrick Cash.

“Wow. Glad I didn’t read that before I quit my j.o.b. In a way, he makes it sound so gloom and doom.
This little ‘work where I want, when I want’ life o’mine really ain’t that bad at all 🙂

I have to disagree with some of what he says. A brick and mortar business can be location independent if you work on your business and not in your business. – read Michael Gerber’s ‘The E-myth‘.

The CEO of Applegate Farms (they are an organic meat producer) only works in the office 1 day a week and has done it this way since the he started the business.

Freedom is the main thing everyone wants. They think they want money, etc but what you really want is the freedom the money gives you.”

I myself argued a bit with Jonathan on his post – pointing out that even working people with a JOB might experience some of the benefits of freedom – with some work. But hearing Patrick’s take on it really hit home – we might be delusional – but fact is that you can reach it.

The point is that I think Jonathan was making was that it is not often what we expect it to be – sometimes it is better.

Just in case you doubt – ask Patrick!

This all reminds me of the quote from the ancient Greek historian Thucydides

“The secret of happiness is freedom.

The secret of freedom is courage.”

So take courage and fight for freedom! Thanks Patrick for keeping me motivated!!!

How about the rest of you? What drives you to want to go it alone?



Just to know you can?

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