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Have you ever earned a dollar that was not part of your salary? I have added this question to the list of many others I ask of those who approach me wanting help to break out of cubicle insanity and become entrepreneurs. Often the answer is no.

The $2500 goal

Here is another good question.

How long will it take you to make $2500 in revenue from your new business?

When I ask this question I can tell a lot about a person. Many people just look very uncertain – almost nervous. This question is serious – a real measurement – a real goal. While $2500 to most of us is not going to be life changing – it strikes fear into many aspiring entrepreneurs.

I can see the answers and the internal argument going on within them? Here is what I read on their faces – their internal conversation.

I have no idea, $2500 is a ton of money for what I do? Yet $2500 is really nothing. If I cannot get $2500, then how can I get $25,000 – or better the $100,000 I am after. This is overwhelming! I can’t do this!

Have you ever had these thoughts? Do you now? Seriously – this is common! If you have comment on where you stand!

Grow into business

Here is the thing – if you want to become an entrepreneur and have not had any significant part time business – you are approaching becoming a fool if you plan to quit the day job and go for it. You have too much to learn – and too far to go. And one of you biggest challenges is YOU.

So start today and begin. Get some money coming in – this creates HUGE momentum. If you can make $100, you can make $1000!

If you can make $1000, you can make $2500 – just keep doing the same thing!

If you can make $2500, you can make $100,000.

Momentum is the key!

Instead of going into business – which seems like a huge leap to so many – just grow into business. Start selling something – products, services, whatever on a small scale. Grow into business!

What are you doing?

If you have done this and met a $2500 mark – leave a comment and tell us how you did it.

If you have the fears I have listed above  Рcomment on that also!

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  1. Joe

    Great insights Dale,
    Sometime making the first $100 can be alot of effort but once you make the hundred bucks there is a motivation to keep on. I am still working to get to the $2,500 mark.

  2. kyle

    “$2500 is a ton of money … Yet $2500 is really nothing.”

    others think that too?!!!!!

    Thanks Dale, I know I’m not alone now.

  3. David W. Johnson

    Dale – (David vs Goliath

    The author of the blog omits THE critical bit of information: WHY are you there? In David’s case, he was there because the “Philistine dog” was insulting the name of the creator God”. David was there for good reason. If you are a person of faith, God put him there at that particular time and season to make a statement for all of those soldiers there on the field who were watching. In the end, the story wasn’t really so much about “the Goliath” as it was about changing the heart of onlookers. What will the onlookers find us doing in our daily business? And this takes us back to our mission statement, WHY are we undertaking this venture? The why matters more than we know and serves to sort the myriad details that will follow. Dale, thanks again for shining the light. DWJ

  4. Dale

    Great point – and yes we always have to know the ultimate purpose! We loose that and it all becomes meaningless!


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