Money Magazine’s Top 10 Best Places to Live: Family Values Still Good Business

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According to CNN Money Magazine’s list of Best Places to Live , when you’re looking for the brightest, most attractive city for happy people, Eden Prairee, MN tops them all.

After you ask “where is that?” you might ask “why is that?” Well, you can see where by clicking here. But the “why” might surprise you.

We talked about how to “Find Opportunity” but the exact quote from is suggests that people are looking for their opportunity in places that are “best for families.” There is not a single “big” city on there. Nothing in New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, or any of the “it” towns. I was surprised.

In this world of go business, go business, big business, high rises, sky scrapers, money, money, money!!!! It is tempting to think that family oriented, calm, safe, clean, way of living is out of date. But apparently not. The number one most talked about topic in today’s google searches, is all about the best place to live if you want to raise a family.

So apparently, family values are not only hugely popular, but they are also good for business. Just thought you might want to know.

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