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OK – so I have violated all rules of blogging – in other words I have failed to blog in some time. The last few months have been a struggle on several fronts – but I think I am starting to get things back in order again.

I often tell my clients they need to step back and evaluate where they are and what is working, what is not, and what SHOULD be working better. Now it is time for me to take my own advice. OK, perhaps my coach and accountability partners have kicked me in the rear a bit also. As a result, I thought I would share off the top of my head where things are and where they have to go.

2012 – The status of things

A lot has started to happen that is in line with the scope of the overall plan.

First, I am speaking/teaching more – something that I enjoy and seems to really help me connect with others. And from feedback of all I do, it seems speaking is one of the most effective things I know how to do.

Second, I am doing less work. It is hard to say this, but I am just not good at administrative and detail work. When I am trying to do tedious stuff I notice my heart rate picks up, my palms get sweaty, and I get aggravated if someone interrupts me, because I am afraid I will loose my place. I have had to force myself more into a mode of getting surrounded by good people – and I have been blessed with some excellent people! So, daily I am doing less of the work of keeping things moving. The people around me are also all strategic thinkers so even some of the planning is being done by others.

Third, I have managed to really cut back on email. Not even sure how I have done this! I get off lists aggressively and have moved to answering email only once a day if possible.

Fourth, I am starting to really watch the intake. Not of food so much – but of Mind Food. Too much garbage out there. Tim Sanders book Today We are Rich has been a wonderful source for pushing me in this positive direction. It is amazing how negative my thoughts are on an hourly basis.

The Kick in the Pants

Lea has been telling me for some time that I need to get out there and help more people take control of their earning power. Then, two days before Christmas I had lunch with Brian Rabon, the founder of Braintrust Consulting Group. Brian thanked me profusely for helping him move away from working for someone else to owning his own company. About this time last year, he had told me he was making less money in his new venture – but having a blast. By December, he was saying he was making more money than he ever thought possible. What a difference a year had made!

Brian has worked hard to get to where he is in one year, but in him I saw total joy in his work. He truly has taken control. He now decides who he wants to work for, and who he wants to pass on to others. (How would you like to do that with your boss?)

Brian really pushed me into realizing that everyone really needs to love their work as much as he does.  Brian and I had worked together for a few months before I think the blinders had really come off for him  – but there is no doubt they are 100% off now!

2012 – The plan

How do I help more people? When God has gifted you, do not let your gift go to waste. I tell people this – and yet I find myself wasting it daily. I am really ashamed to say it, but I have been one who has not followed his own advice. Instead of working to help more people, I have selectively chosen to help very few. Selfish on my part.

So in 2012, I am going to step out. Plans are in the works to start offering help to many more people through books, webinars, speaking events, etc. Right now I have to get back to the plans – but I hope you join me in helping others – and perhaps even yourself – get control of earning power.

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  1. Paul McGuire


    Glad to see you back; been missing your entries! It is tough to stay on calendar for a blog (believe me) but your work helps so many folks so just realize that they (we) need to hear from you! Removing the junk and eliminating distractions is the key to moving forward; I find myself having to regroup and refocus constantly. Tim Sanders is a wonderful character; I’ve got a podcast to send you where he spoke to Dave Ramsey’s organization and I think you’ll enjoy his talk. Missing you in IEM classes, really hoped to have you to close out our experience. Blessings to you!


  2. Dale

    Thanks Paul. Yes – you can get taken out easy. My problem was not just time – it was also a focus issue. Can you say “Squirrel” 😉 Would love to here that podcast!


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