The Serial Entrepreneur

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Sounds like a criminal title, doesn’t it?

Serial Entrepreneurs are a special breed of human. Instead of starting a company just once–they love the thrill of starting a business, selling it off, and moving on to the next big thing. They take raw materials and build teams, business models, financial plans, and entire corporations completely from scratch. Then, they do it again.

With each new venture, they build experience. As they gain this experience, they gain insights and wisdom about the formation of businesses that allows them to take greater risks than what might be afforded to someone else. The opportunity to take greater risks makes for the opportunity to have greater success.

But not all of the ventures of serial entrepreneurs are successful, and according to K Ganesh, that’s not the point. K Ganesh is one of India’s leading serial entrepreneurs, and he claims that “The previous experience, irrespective of whether it was a success or failure, becomes vital. ‘After going through the entire process of creating a new company, a new team, and new business models and processes from scratch, you are now ready to do something bolder and bigger,'” (Read full article here)

I know a guy who does this for a living and he does quite well. Although, his motives are not purely thrill seeking. He likes helping people fulfill their dreams, so he helps them do it mostly as a financier. He puts up the money to start a company and he gets bought out once the company is on it’s feet. Sometimes the businesses work, other times they don’t, but if you ask him, the experience was worth it every time.

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