Three Steps to Being Employed

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Two confessions….

1. I have really been a sparse blogger lately. But, I have really been rethinking things and listening in to what people need. I hope to be developing more focus so that the resulting posts, seminars, and other material coming (soon to be announced) will add real value for people. I know we all need things that not only motivate us to move forward – but also tell us how – exactly how.

2. While this blog tends to focus on entrepreneurship – I know the immediate goal for many of you is employment. I continued to get asked how to perform an effective job search. While it is not considered entrepreneurship in the truest since – finding a job is certainly about marketing your services so  you can be paid to add value to others  …….  that is if you do it RIGHT.

Setting the stage

I am not confessing for forgiveness so much – but more to set the stage. I have been doing “lunch-and-learn” seminars geared toward starting a company – but I am planning to do a few on getting employed. Basically the seminars will outline a three-step process:

  • Determining your employment targets (where do you want to be working and what do you want to be doing)
  • Making connections with the RIGHT people
  • Creating new opportunities for YOU using reverse interviews

Sounds simple – but it works -100% of the time.

Your Questions

I learned a while back, that the best way to present an idea is to get a list of questions people have and then try to either answer them or provide good directions to the answer.

So  – let me know what YOUR question might be in YOUR job search. If you had to do one today (and I know some of you are) what questions would you (or even do you currently) have?

Your Experiences

For those of you with success stories – tell us what worked for you!

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