018: Don’t Die in Your Cube – Interview with Brian Rabon [Podcast]

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This is the rest of the story. A few weeks ago I posted about how Brian Rabon had chased and found his dream job and lifestyle in my post “Thank You for Changing my Life

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Brian and I caught up (over Skype — with some tech details) to do a quick chat about the rest of his story. In this interview you will hear…

– Why he says “Don’t die in your cube.”

– How Brian awakened to his need to break away.

– How what he thought was his goal turned out to be a nightmare.

– How frustration came before he finally “got it” and made it happen.

– How he used the tools of IEM and the “How to Find Your Calling” (see below) exercise to make it happen.

– Why Brian believes the idea of  “work-life balance” is a joke.

– Why his hobby of snow skiing caused him great depression while he worked in the cube.

– How he went from 3 days to 50+ days per year on the ski slopes.

Overall this is a great interview with a great friend. Brian’s words are nothing short of inspiring and motivating.

We all need a kick in the pants sometimes. This interview will deliver.

Technical Issues!

** The audio over Skype had some technical issues, mostly at the halfway point, but the content is still there!  I would have re-done the interview but this was such good information from Brian that I wanted to go ahead and share it.


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