Finding Clarity in Your Questions

082: Developing Clarity in Your Questions [Podcast]

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Want answers and solutions to your problems? Then FIRST you must get clarity in your questions. As I sit here reviewing my interactions with you and others from last year, I realize that most people are very unclear in their questions when they approach me. Instead of asking what they really want to know, they come with statements, which are often statements of hopelessness. “I cannot get more time because I have a job and kids,” instead of, “How do you find time with a job and kids?” In this podcast, I will provide you a tool to help you develop clarity in your questions and in turn find hope and inspiration for the future!

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How To Get Clarity on the Questions

  1. Goals: List the things you are trying to accomplish, goals if you will. (For more details on goal setting see Setting Goals of Next Year and Make Your Goals Actually Happen. Also see 5 Ways to Create Productive Thinking Times)
  2. Obstacles and questions: Now for each goal, list the obstacles and things you need to know. If you have a long list of goals, then focus on a few of the key goals.
  3. Questions for the expert: List of specific questions you would love to have answered. If you had the EXPERT to your question in front of you, what would you ask them?
  4. Who: For each question, who would be the best person or people to answer that question for you? Write their name or at least a description such as pharmacy manager. (More detail on making contact and finding that person can be found at Reverse Interviews)
  5. Order the questions by importance: Now with all these questions, think about which questions will have the greatest impact in your life. Focus on the most important long term impact question first.
  6. ACT: From the list you made in step 4, search and find that first person to ask, and email them (or send them some kind of message) today. If it is someone you need to meet, setup a reverse interview. (If you are looking for career advice, see Reverse Interview Questions )
“Action TNT: Action Today, Not Tomorrow”]

Top ALMOST Questions from 2014

I sat down and tried to remember all those statements made to me that were really intended to be questions. I even checked back to old emails and social media, I found many statements from people. So I have listed the top (in no particular order) with the question that they MEANT to ask in parenthesis.

  • I am not really sure what my calling is. (How do I find my calling?)
  • I need to get my business license first. (Do I need a business license? Which one?)
  • I really do not know what to blog about. (How can I create a list of blog topics?)
  • I need to develop my expertise before I can do ________. (How much do I need to know before I start doing _______?)
  • I know my calling and purpose, but I have not figured out how to monetize it yet. (How can I make $ from my calling?)
  • I have a business idea, but not sure what to offer. (What kind of products or services should I offer in my own business?)
  • My business only has a few products, so we do not make a lot of money. (What other products and services can I offer? OR How can I add more value?)
  • I cannot decide what my niche is. (How do I  decide what my niche is?)
  • My boss always ignores me and my suggestions. (How do I get influence with my boss?)
  • I do not know anyone making a living doing what I love to do. (How do I find people doing what I love? )
  • I am not sure I am adding value at my job. (How do I show value?)
  • I do not have the time and support to do what you are doing. (How do you find time to do all the things that you do?)
  • My Twitter/Facebook audience is too small. (How do you build a big Twitter audience?)
  • My list is too small. (How big does my list need to be? OR What are some secrets to growing your list?)
  • I wish I could be a speaker. (How do you get speaking gigs? OR How do you become a speaker?)

The list goes on and on.   

Your Turn. ACT.

Remember – Action TNT!


“Get clarity in your questions.”]



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