How to Decide if My Startup Should be an LLC or S-Corp? [Podcast]

139: How to Decide if My Startup Should be an LLC or S-Corp [Podcast]

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Trying to decide if your startup should be an LLC or S-Corp? 

In the startup world, this is one of the most frequent questions I get. It falls closely in line with

  • Do I need a business license?
  • Should I incorporate or not?
  • How do I find an attorney and CPA?

I have dealt with parts of these subjects in past episodes.

But today I want to dive into the issue in another direction – a common-sense strategy for deciding when and what to do.

But I am not crossing over into the world of CPA or an attorney. This is not legal advice – it is common sense advice.

Both the LLC and S-Corp have legal and tax implications – but we want to visit a common-sense thinking about where to start asking questions. 

How to Decide if My Startup Should be an LLC or S-Corp? (Podcast Outline)

  1. When you need neither LLC or S-corp
    • No risk of danger. 
      • Selling online courses and online merchandise that is considered normally harmless. Clothing and household items. 
      • Advice or consulting that is not health-related or tied to risk of money. Dating advice or educational advice for instance. 
    • No wealth – Your net worth is not enough to attract frivolous lawsuits. (Under $500,000)
  2. When you need Legal protection
    • Risk of health or wealth
      • Selling any food item or weight loss or medical (even vitamins) 
      • You are providing advice or consulting to businesses where they could lose money. 
      • You could cause damage that is expensive to repair. 
      • Someone might get hurt. 
    • You have personal wealth over $500,000
  3. Get some corporate structure and insurance
    • A corporate structure gives some distance – if you do it correctly
    • An umbrella policy is basic for business people or anyone with any wealth
    • Specific business insurance like errors and omissions or product liability should be in order. Check with an insurance agent who deals in business insurance. Find a commercial agent. See article in show notes to SBA. 
  4. The Tax Man Side
    • If you have significant income in a business and you will take a salary (say over $100,000) you need advice on the best structure. 
    • The difference an S-Corp offers is how self-employment taxes hit you. That is Medicare and Social Security taxes.
    • Great article in show notes about details by LegalZoom.
  5. My updated formula for deciding on a side hustle legal structure.
    • If you are just starting and expect a small income (under $25,000) first year, have little risk in your services, and are not wealthy (net worth under $500,000) then just go as a sole proprietorship. 
    • Anything else, seek the advice of a CPA AND an attorney. (Yes both. They do different things.)
    • As you grow and start to move up in income – seek the advice above. 
  6. Never get distracted or delayed on this stuff. If it is slowing you down due to indecision, get advice and move on. 

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