Seven Things You Must Know About Your Boss

176: Seven Things You Must Know About Your Boss [Podcast]

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Seven things you must know about your boss. Too often we think that our job description is supposed to tell us about our job. Of course, we all know that is does not, and it is often the joke – or the point of contention. But forget your job description – after all, it is more about protecting your employer legally than it is about you.

So what is your real job description?

Your Boss = Your Customer

In episode 174, I covered the Company of One concept. In this concept, I explained that the customer is the person who hands money to you in exchange for the services you perform. So, your boss is your customer.

But let’s get a little more specific. The customer is any person who can impact the flow of money into your pocket. This means that your boss, your boss’s boss, your co-worker, your vendors, etc. Yes – it gets complicated.

But it is always complex. Think of a car dealer trying to sell a new car. You and your five-year-old son go into the dealer to look. Your five-year-old is not the person who is going to pay for the vehicle, but if the dealer mistreats your five-year-old, then he/she has lost your business. So, in the Company of One definition – the five-year-old is one of the customers.

The point is, the customer relationship is always a little complex.

True for you also.

To define your customer, start by taking inventory of the people who can impact your pay at work. You might end up with one person or twenty. It does not matter, so long as you get clear who they are.

Then focus on the key people. They are likely going to be your boss and your boss’s boss.

But either way, consider them all bosses. In the world of Company of One thinking, boss=customer.

So go ahead, make a list of who they are. I will wait.

The Seven Things You Must Know About Your Boss

Now that you know who they are, you need to understand there are seven things you must know about your boss (and each one of your bosses or customers)

  1. What is their role in the organization? Meaning, what is their responsibility. Think in terms of money – how does their job impact the flow of money in the company?
  2. What is their relationship to you? No, we do not just mean titles and who works for who- but how does workflow between you? Do they provide things for you to do? Do you provide a service for them? How do you depend on each other?
  3. What do they value?
  4. What keeps them awake at night?
  5. What are their priorities?
  6. How do they win?
  7. How do you serve them?

Why Should You Care?

OK, so you now know about the seven things you must know about your boss.  Now that you know what matters and how your boss can win,  you also see how you can win. You should have clarity about:

  1. What matters. What work has to be done with quality.
  2. What information your customer (boss) needs and when.
  3. What you can ignore.


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